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*The Book of Dust (Pullman)**
*The Secret Commonwealth (Pullman)**
*How We Fight For Our Lives (Saeed Jones)**
*An African American and Latinx History of the United States (Ortiz)**
*The Power Notebooks (Roiphe)**
*The Shapeless Unease (Harvey)**
*A History of My Brief Body (Belcourt)**
*The Lost Book of Adana Moreau (Zapata)**
*Hurricane Season (Melchor)**
*Sharks in the Time of Saviors (Washburn)**
*The Book Thief (Zusak)***
*Axiom's End (Ellis)
*The Song of Achilles (Miller)***
*Crooked Kingdom (Bardugo)***
*Six of Crows (Bardugo)***
*The House of Spirits (Allende)***
*A Wizard of Earthsea (Le Guin)***
*The Starless Sea (Morgenstern)***
*Riding the Elephant (Ferguson)***
*The Murmur of Bees (Segovia)***
*On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous (Vuong)***
*Emily of New Moon (Montgomery)***
*Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery)***
*Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl (Lawlor)***
*Confessions of the Fox (Rosenberg)***
*The Poet X (Acevedo)***
*Wolf in White Van (Darnielle)***
*The Time Traveller's Wife (Niffenegger)***
*The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood)***
*The Odyssey (trans. Emily Wilson)***
*Infinite Jest (Wallace)***
*The Natural Mother of the Child (Belc)
*Splinters Are Children of Wood (Wilson)
*We Is (Miranda)
*One Day (Nichols)***
*Connor & Seal (Koh)***
*Cyborg Detective (Weise)***
*Not I (Castillo)
*I Hold A Wolf By the Ears (van den Berg)**
*Pleasure Activism (brown)***
*Emergent Strategy (brown)***
*Rebellious Mourning (Milstein)***
*Property is Theft (Proudhon/McKay)***
*Anarcho-Blackness (Bey)***
*Anarchism in Latin America (Capelletti/Palmer-Fernández)***
*The New Jim Crow (Alexander)/
*Blonde Roots (Evaristo)/
*Parable of the Sower (Butler)/
*The End of Policing (Vitale)**
*An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (Dunbar-Ortiz)**
*Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing (Methot)**
*Sidewalks (Luiselli)**
*Later: My Life at the Edge of the World (Lisicky)**
*If I Ever Get Out of Here (Gansworth)**
*The Solace of Open Spaces (Ehrlich)
*The Seep (Porter)
*When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders (J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Jim Burke, R. Gregory Christie)
*The Depression (Mathias Svalina and Jon Pack)
*Birthday Girl (Sheila J. Sadr)
*Letters to a Young Brown Girl (Barabara Jane Reyes)
*If Beale Street Could Talk (James Baldwin)**
*Way of Mindfulness (Soma Thera) (link below: websites)
*Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close (Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman)**
*Daisy Jones and the Six (Taylor Jenkins Reid)**
*Jess, Chunk, and the Road to Infinity (Kristin Clark)**
*Becoming (Obama)**
*The Beadworkers (Piatote)**
*Finna (Nino Cipri)**
*The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion (Killjoy)**
*This is the night our house will catch on fire (Flynn)**

***i own


astrology shirt
me reading stuff shirt



*last season of BoJack Horseman (Netflix)
*Pose (Netflix)
*Locke and Key (Netflix)
*Twin Peaks (Netflix)
*Anne with an E (Netflix)
*Wynonna Earp (Netflix)
*Avatar The Last Airbender(Netflix)
*The Legend of Korra (Netflix)
*Love on the Spectrum (Netflix)
*Killing Eve (Hulu)
*Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)
*Adventure Time (Hulu/HBO)
*The Handmaids Tale (Hulu)
*Sailor Moon (Hulu)
*What We Do In The Shadows (Hulu)
*Baskets (Hulu)
*Perry Mason (HBO)
*Westworld (HBO)
*Samurai Jack (HBO)
*Barry (HBO)
*Watchmen (HBO)


*The Kindergarten Teacher (Netflix)
*What Happened, Miss Simone (Netflix)
*Hail, Caesar! (Netflix)
*The Master (Netflix)
*Moonwalkers (Netflix)
*What Did Jack Do? (Netflix)
*Unicorn Store (Netflix)
*Sorry to Bother You (Hulu)
*I, Tonya (Hulu)
*Free Solo (Hulu)
*Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Hulu)
*Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Hulu)
*Framing John DeLorean (Hulu)
*Parasite (Hulu)
*If Beale Street Could Talk (Hulu)
*The Party's Just Beginning (Hulu)
*Spaceship Earth (Hulu)
*Birds of Prey (HBO)
*Gremlins (HBO)
*The Hate U Give (HBO)
*The Killing Joke (HBO)
*Joker (HBO)
*Blinded by the Light (HBO)
*Rock n' Roll High School (HBO)
*Xanadu (HBO)
*Chicago (HBO)
*Hedwig and the Angry Inch (HBO)
*My Neighbor Totoro (HBO)
*The Philadelphia Story (HBO)
*Moulin Rouge (HBO)
*Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck (HBO)
*John Wick: Chapter 3
*Woke (Hulu)
*Get Out
*Supernova (dir. Macqueen)


we, the masses (robyn o'neil)
john cale covers "hallelujah"


constellation guide


sufjan in space
journaling prompts for chronic illness
box of poet blood
dante and virgil wiki page
queer utopia
poet tyehimba jess interview
tc tolbert essay i want to re-read
angel olsen interview
haunted lit interview w/laura van denberg
zine librarians code of ethics
archive of hate: ethics of care in preservation of ugly histories
occupy library
"in the wilds of an open soil with merlin sheldrake"
the steer: writers talking about music
black mothering in america
teenage halloween interview
judith butler interview
corn, fruit, barley, and hungry ghost full moon
sohla profile


music catalog from 1968-2005
creative independent
british library image collection
"Way of Mindfullness: The Astipatthāna Sutta" by Soma Thera


taco bell quarterly
blood orange tarot
ang(st) zine
meow meow pow pow lit lit
dishsoap mag
perhappened mag
rejection letters
orange blush zine
honey literary
octopus books
wig wag mag

publications i'm submitting to soon

fourteen poems (oct. 20 deadline)


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