grocery store poems


*walks around grocery store like a coming-of-age movie protagonist*

-title from this tumblr post

birds spelling out double "u"s

in the parking lot i hum along

to every song playing from every

car attempting to park as people

with carts jog across lines as

real as borders here for over

year after coming back from

france i had to look at the

floor when walking in a super

market because the colors

were too stimulating now

i look straight ahead until

the primordial ocean creatures

come and take my cue arms

around boxes of captain crunch

ready to go back to the depths

(sept. 9, 2020)

shovels on sale at aldi

with gravedigger job

applications attached

to the handles

i took one but never

got an interview

the shovel leaning

against my back door

waiting for the day

that i'll turn over

the compost decay

needs to breathe too

(aug. 12, 2020)

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